Chlorination Equipment

CL2 Systems – Chlorination Equipment Specialists

CL2 is an established manufacturer of a comprehensive and industry proven range of Mobile, Portable and Fixed Site Chemical Dosing Equipment supplied throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our experience and engineering skill has been directly focused on the design, and supply of safe and versatile equipment to Water Companies and their Pipeline Refurbishment Alliance Partners since 1985. Using only industry proven technology and drawing on our experience and extensive consultation with water companies and their training establishments, CL2 supply a range of equipment and services today that meet with the full requirements of Water Companies for maintenance of Water Quality throughout the distribution networks, and their Alliance Partners for water mains repair and refurbishment disinfection.

Product quality and a dependable and consistent customer commitment have been the foundation for becoming the preferred choice for water companies and contractors concerned with water mains sterilisation. We welcome the opportunity to meet & discuss our customers’ requirements and regularly consult with them to ensure that customer needs and technological developments are fully accommodated.

To ensure the quality of potable water is not compromised in any way all component parts within the CL2 Chlorination equipment range are obtained from established suppliers to the water industry. The design & construction of each assembly ensures a safe, robust and reliable product that is reviewed regularly to accommodate both industry and individual client requirements. As a smaller company, we also have the advantage of responding more readily to our clients requirements, and consistently deliver cost effective results.

CL2 Trailer Image
Cl2 Trailer Interior Image
CL2 Systems Interior Trailer Working

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