Temporary Chlorine Dosing

CL2 Temporary Chlorine Dosing Package

Available for immediate Hire and Commissioning at site

The CL2 Temporary Portable Dosing equipment can be very quickly installed and commissioned in response to temporary water quality issues within networks, and therefore allow clients to maintain simple and reliable controlled dosing and avoid ‘manual hand dosing’ of chemicals at service reservoirs.

These systems have been installed and commissioned within a few hours, and require very simple ongoing O+M that is well within the skill base of operational staff currently attending Water Pumping Stations and Service Reservoirs, as part of existing site attendance schedules.

Temporary Chlorine Dosing Package

Dosing Control Options:

  • Flow Proportional Control using either an existing Helix or Mag flow meter, or an alternative temporary flow metering source
  • Contact On/Off from Water Delivery Fixed Speed Pumps
  • Residual Feedback from external source
  • Timed Dosing Control

CL2 Systems Temporary Chlorine Dosing Package

Tanks, Bunds, Spill trays and PPE can be provided to contain and manage the dosing chemical at site.

Manually operated, Battery or Mains powered chemical transfer equipment can be provided for a larger chemical storage requirements at site.


CL2 EDOS-T Quick Response Temporary Dosing Package.

CL2 Systems Hastelloy Withdrawable Chlorine Dosing Lances

Hastelloy withdrawable chlorine dosing lances with braided dual hose dosing lines.

CL2 Systems Hastelloy Withdrawable Chlorine Dosing Lances

Existing isolation valves, ½” or larger utilised for either Plastic or Hastelloy Insertion Dosing Lances.

CL2 HB Suitcase Unit

CL2 Systems HB43 5 Litre
CL2 Systems HB43 5 Litre Inside

CL2 TC50 Suitcase Unit

CL2 Systems TC50
CL2 Systems TC50 Inside

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