Portable Dosing Equipment

CL2 Portable Dosing Equipment

104 Trolley, Portable TC50 and HB Suitcase

The 104 Trolley, Portable TC50 and HB Suitcase equipment are designed for high level chlorination of Water Mains, and temporary low level background chlorine residual boosting, and water storage tanker sterilisation and dechlorination when flushing.


  • Mains and battery powered
  • Flow proportional control
  • Portable unit easily manoeuvred by a single operator
  • High level Mains Chlorination / Disinfection / Sterilisation
  • Low level Chlorination – Background Chlorine residual boosting on live mains water supplies
  • Chlorination / De-Chlorination

Ideal for restricted access area and Small Branch Mains Chlorination.

CL2 Systems TC50
CL2 Systems TC50 Inside

CL2 – 104 Trolley Unit – Portable Water Main Disinfection

CL2 Systems 104 Trolley
CL2 Systems 104 Trolley Open

HB Suitcase Unit – For the most inaccessible locations

THE SUITCASE UNIT is a superb piece of equipment for general field work, and is capable of providing chlorination anywhere in the water distribution system.

The portability of the unit makes access possible to the most difficult of locations. Injection is achievable up to 15 bar via air valve, washout or under pressure tapping. If you require a reliable, safe, robust and straightforward system for disinfection with minimal training, then the Suitcase Unit is your solution.

The Suitcase Unit – Key features:
  • Extremely portable, it weighs only 13.6 kgs.
  • Chemical dosing range up to 5ltrs per hour.
  • Chemical suction and delivery hoses attached.
  • Direct injection dosing. (e.g Short Connection Chlorination)
  • 12 volt battery power with an 8 hour running time – the spare battery is rechargeable from a van, car or the mains supply.
  • Suitable for purging new or rehabilitated mains and for localised boosting of chlorine levels.
  • All components are totally enclosed in splash/weather proof box.
  • There is a separate validation kit for instant water quality checks
CL2 Systems HB Suitcase Unit

CL2 Systems HB43 5 Litre
CL2 Systems HB43 5 Litre Inside

Flow Proportional Chlorination / De-Chlorination during Mains Refurbishment

‘O x O’ / ‘Back to Back’ / ‘Hydrant-Valve-Hydrant’

CL2 Flow Proportional Chlorination During Mains Refurb

Chlorination of Water Utility Mains and Internal Water Networks within Buildings

‘Short Connection’ New Lay or Refurbishment

CL2 Direct Injection Dosing

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