Mobile Trailer Dosing Equipment

CL2 Mobile Trailer Dosing Equipment

100TX Mobile Trailer Equipment

The 100TX Mobile Trailer Equipment is designed to perform temporary high level chlorination of water mains, and low level background chlorine residual boosting at strategic points throughout the Water Distribution Network.


  • Mains and battery powered
  • Flow proportional control
  • Trailer mounted
  • High level Mains Chlorination / Disinfection / Sterilisation
  • Low level Chlorination – Background Chlorine residual boosting on live mains water supplies
  • Chlorination / De-Chlorination
  • Chemical Resistant Bund Storage and Containment
  • Dose Pump and Flow Line Splash Guarding

Suitable for Larger Flow Rates and trunk mains chlorination / dechlorination.

CL2 Trailer 100TX Exterior

CL2 Trailer 100TX Exterior 2
CL2 Trailer 100TX Interior
CL2 Trailer 100TX Interior 2

Flow Proportional Chlorination / De-Chlorination during Mains Refurbishment

‘O x O’ / ‘Back to Back’ / ‘Hydrant-Valve-Hydrant’

The Bypass Water dosing can be set at 0.10PPM (Mg/L) to either 20ppm / 50ppm or 100ppm using the CL2 Flow Proportional controller.
CL2 Flow Proportional Chlorination During Mains Refurb

Chlorination of Water Utility Mains and Internal Water Networks within Buildings

DIRECT INJECTION DOSING via a Single Tapping Point for:
‘Short Connection’ New Lay or Refurbishment or Internal Pipe Network within Buildings

CL2 Direct Injection Dosing

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